I started doing makeup 20 years ago. I started out doing makeup on girlfriends and for special occasions.  After seeing the joy and happiness I can bring to people, I decided to turn my love for makeup into a full time profession. Over the last few years I have worked as a beauty professional, including stints as a retail associate for a well known cosmetic company and as a freelance makeup artist. As a freelancer I have had the opportunity to apply my skills at industry events for major makeup lines, as well as bringing beauty to special events such as weddings and proms as an on-call make-up artist. 

In 2010 I took my love of makeup and personal beauty online and launched a blog (www.glam2go.blogspot.com) that provides beauty tips, tutorials, news and specials to readers everywhere. In addition to the blog, I provide followers with makeup tips and insights via Twitter (www.twitter.com/glam2go).